Brothers and Sisters 

By now, I should be an expert on siblings. I have baby siblings, older ones, MUCH older ones, brothers and sisters too! But I’m not. However, I’ve learnt a whole ton about them.

For starters, not all siblings get along. We don’t need any outsider to jump in and mediate, we got this. The problem, usually, is that siblings are different. Though, having grown up the exact same way, they expect to be more similar. They pick the small differences and blow them up when to the rest of the world, they appear the same.

I never got along with my sisters. They were so annoying 😂😂 (still are). Because of the way we fight and the fact that we’re barely in public together, one would almost think I hate Naledi. And they would be right! I hate her. But for every moment I hate Naledi, there are a million more moments that I love her.

We make each other cry, we fight, we say the worst things, but we always end up back at the same spot, laughing at some mean thing and forgetting we aren’t talking. What people don’t understand is that as her young sister, I’m allowed to do these things.

I get to tease her, laugh at her, pick on her, expect everything from her and not feel like I’m borrowing favors. There’s no favor bank between us. I’d love someone to tease her or laugh at her though… I’ll KILL you. That’s not a joke btw!

As siblings, we’re each other’s keepers. We support each other, all of us. We comfort each other, we fight for each other, we cheer each other up, we’re each other’s cheerleaders, we groom each other, we stick together and most of all, we never forget that an older sibling will always offer their baby sibling the jersey on their back, no matter how cold they feel themselves!