The Rooted Rope Weaver

To stay grounded isn’t human. We grow, we change, we move, but most of all, we speak. With every heartfelt word we say to a person, we form a thread. No matter how short or how thin, we still have a thread.

The longer we linger, the more threads join the very first one you built. Nobody realises how many heartfelt words we say because when a person makes you comfortable, the words just flow. Those are enough words to turn many tiny threads into a string. I used to think the string was the peak but looking back now, I realise that its just the start.

All strings attached and I form a rope. The thicker the rope gets, the stronger the bond. Its literally impossible to not have a connection even after the person is out of sight. Problem is, the longer the rope gets, the further these people seem to move, taking with them the other end.

A lot of people used to be so close to me. I could see their smiles when they glanced at this rope that we built together. Dare to scream. Dare to tell a person all of this; that you created the bond and its just so hard to cut it and act like it was never there. Its too much to forget.

My actions say it. But nobody hears me anymore. They don’t even see me! Sadly, I’ve gotten to a point where even the words I don’t say are still forming string, still weaving. To see you again, I have to stop weaving. I just don’t know how to tell my heart to stop saying the things it says or feeling the things it does.

I keep hoping one day you’ll be stuck and follow the rope. Of course you’ll find me. I have changed and I have grown but I’m in the very same spot with my door wide open. The fact that I can’t stop weaving only makes it worse for me. I’ve formed so many ropes, I wouldn’t even know which ones to follow for who. I just watch everybody move further as I keep weaving.

I wish I could get up and find a lot of you but everything is tangled. Its all gone wrong. But you know, they say that if nothing is wrong then nothing is true. Got me wondering if to know me really is to love me. I’m still here, rooted down the very spot you found me in, still weaving ropes with hopes that each of you will return to me someday…


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