A Crack In The Dam

Dams, like all other buildings, never just collapse. Everything has a start. Its not like God snaps his fingers and suddenly, the bricks begin to fall apart. It all starts with a drop. One single drop from a crack we ignored for too long.

So I was sitting at a table, having a conversation with this guy and I felt a drop of water hit the top of my head. Hmm. Strange. I ignored it and kept talking. It wasn’t long before another drop hit my head. A little heavier than the last. I asked about the crack with a smile on my face. You know, that way I wouldn’t seem too pushy.

As more drops hit different parts of my body, I started to ask about every single crack and every single drop. They began with ‘I’ll fix the cracks’ but slowly turned more and more harsh. Every response made me feel more and more ungrateful. Was the water really that bad? Did I have to ask about every single thing? Did I not have any cracks in my own structures?

Moments later, carrying on with our chirpy conversation, I realised the water had reached my waist. I stood up because maybe it was I that needed adjusting. Nope. It got to my waist once again in no time. This is when I thought to remember that I can’t swim. How did I really let it get this far? Dude looked unmoved!!! He didn’t seem to notice the disaster. He went on as though nothing happened.

The water was now pouring in. The droplets were much desired then. I said my goodbyes and found my way to the door. To my amazement, there was a flood outside that came rushing in! I looked for the very person I walked away from and our drowning began…

P.S this was meant to come right before ‘The Drowning Man.’ Be sure to read it too! Merry Christmas.

Yours truly,
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