This Little Suitcase of Mine

My little suitcase is labelled ‘happy’.
Blinding white cloth pokes out the side
And you assume its a show of joyful poetry.
Its my white flag.
Sorrow so real, I got a whole damn banner.
Do you not see that I’ve finally reached my surrender?

Take a walk with me, tell me your story.
You can tell it all, mine’s not so holy.
A little more coaxing and you open your suitcase;
A few things are missing, a million things to spell ‘happy place’
Sit next to me.. Don’t leave.
Help me drag my suitcase along with me.
Please don’t open it, Please don’t peek.

The white cloth, I know its tempting,
One moment alone and you get to tugging.
One thing will reveal another, you see.
All the tears I’ve cried, they’d drown you, baby.
The pain I’ve felt would make you step away.
I could try and say I finally feel okay
But you’re already headed for the door,
My suitcase lying on the floor.

I pick it all up, tear for tear.
Each item bringing back my fears.
All this time I managed to keep it closed,
You appear and everybody knows I’m not carrying clothes.
One latch, two then three and four… And off I go.
Meet someone new,
Almost hoping this will be true.
One look at my suitcase and out the corner,
A little white cloth.

Yours truly,
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