The Art of Walking Away

A lot of us are in dead-end relationships. Or ‘fast cars’. I am NOT saying mine is. Thing is, a lot of the time, when we get into relationships, its for the looks or the money or for the nasty stares we get from people who like our significant others that boost our ego. Often though, we like to feel safe, wanted, accepted, outstanding, and we date the person who makes us feel those things whether its permanent or temporary.

I’m a strong believer in staying if the good outweighs the bad. its so easy to offer that advice. Following it though… That’s a whole other story. A person could make you feel like a burden on a normal day and on that one good day when they make you feel like they don’t deserve someone so good, all the bad they ever did goes out the window. If someone asked you on a good day, you would say the good outweighed the bad. On the rest of the days, you’ll be wearing your shoes, getting ready to walk.

Every relationship starts out rosy, or most of them rather. The honeymoon phase, ey. Hahaha. I remember that. Fights are not bad. Fights are good. The silence is what draws people further apart. I talk a lot but I’m not one to talk when I’m angry and I’m definitely not one to make somebody to talk to me. Sometimes, I start to walk away and I remember why I didn’t go through with it the last one million times. The good outweighs the bad. Or the line between bad and good is so thin that I can’t tell which side we lean. You know that feeling when someone keeps talking and you stand by the door waiting for the moment so you can walk out unnoticed? That could be it too.

This life is funny. You could find someone who wants you but doesn’t want to be with you, you could find someone whose actions tell you they are uncertain whether or not they want to be with you, you could find a person who makes you feel beyond great, but that too is only ever for the moment. And that person, believe me, will be the person you’re sure you should be with. The problem here is not that we don’t have the guts to walk away. Its that we start walking and turn back less than halfway. We never really give life a chance to show us what’s out there.

The art of walking away could be knowing why you’re doing it, how you plan on doing it, sticking to your reasons no matter how bad people make you feel for it and most importantly, not going back to the point you started from no matter how many times an arm holds you and asks for one more chance. A fast car will get you places quickly. High maintenance, draining and the majority of the time, just for show.


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