The Worst Things In Life… Are Free.

They say the best things in life are free. Love, life, intelligence… But free things aren’t always good. Death, famine, drought, religion… All of these things are free too but nobody embraces them or labels them ‘good’. It brings some of the worst forms of misery, yet there are plenty more free things one could ever get.

A lot of the time, peoples’ inner demons are judged based on the things they would do to have things their way or to have something they’ve always wanted. Looking for ‘happy’ or self-satisfaction is really the easiest way to find the devil within your soul. For example, my first love is my family. Would I sin repeatedly if I had the choice between being an angel and keeping my loved ones in my life? In the blink of an eye, I’d sin.

Everybody knows a person who is always looking for an easy way out. Sometimes, that person is yourself. Its never really easy. There is a trick behind everything that comes on a silver platter. Be it cheating in an exam and never getting caught up until you need to use that knowledge in a real life situation or even using the wrong methods to keep a person in your life only to watch them slip away.

When you struggle to reach the silver platter with your heart’s desires engraved onto it, you know you deserve it. You have peace within yourself because it changes from karma to your choice. You decide whether or not to walk away from that platter you keep safely under your arm. Being Zambian though, I know we’re very much okay with the basics. Our country is not as competitive as the heavily populated ones.

I don’t like to struggle but lately I’ve decided to. I know I have a lot of great gifts handed to me on silver platters but I work hard at some things too. Those are the things I’m certain will not just vanish one day. The people who are fine with the basics lose out eventually because there are things we get free that others would work day and night to achieve.

P.S I will never admit that a Chinese person is smarter than I am. They are just born in a more competitive world. A world where the worst things in life are free.


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