The New Respect To The Dead

This is pretty short buuut I think its necessary 🙂 so, here goes…

Death has never been a secret. Its not mandatory for anyone to mourn alone and that’s why we have funerals. Knowing that you’re not alone in something helps you to pick yourself up because even though you know for certain that they couldn’t possibly feel the exact same way you do, at least you’re not alone.
Social networks however, almost use death as an attention seeking method, which in my opinion, a lot of people see as respect when it is really a hypocritical kind of respect. *drumroll* It is DISRESPECTFUL. The point of a funeral is to pay your respects to the dead and support the affected living but what good is your status and profile picture change when neither of them knew you?
Now, you’ll go on and say I’m being rude or whatever, but picture this: you see somebody around, never really gotten to talking to them. I mean, the most you’ve ever said is a ‘walking-past-hi’. What business do they have putting your deceased parents as their picture to wish YOU condolences? Condolences that you won’t even see or get, condolences that go to them when they know neither of you. Attention seeking.
Death is not a secret, its good that its public. But giving the longest speeches at funerals or putting the most sad face emoticons on your profile does not mean you loved them more. Stop it, its not a competition. I’m NOT saying every tribute is an attention seeking stunt. Sometimes we genuinely feel bad for someone and have no other way to reach them. Your heart goes out to them, we understand. But when your life stops for a moment to feed off of people’s sorrow, you, my friend, need to rearrange the patterns in your life.


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