New Year, New Me.

A new year’s resolution, is to me, an excuse many of us use to postpone activities we should already be doing. A justification for delaying progress. Last year, my new year’s resolution was to be a nicer person. It backfired on me badly because besides just getting meaner, I was selective of who I was nice to and to those, I was super nice. Now, being a nicer person is something I should aim for everyday of my life. So! Why do you set resolutions?
For some people, a resolution is simply another attempt to make themselves feel better than the rest of us. Very similar to those people that feel the need to put up a status saying, “I just donated clothes to an orphanage *halo*.” Are you doing it out of the kindness of your heart or to make us think there is any kindness in your heart? My older brother is the best example of a kind person to me. There are so many roles he plays, especially in my life and he moves forward in his life without the need to tell strangers how much of a great father/brother/cousin/son he is or that his new year’s resolution is to get a higher position. He achieves things because he is a hard worker. Which brings me to my next point : Laziness.
I’m Zambian, but I know for a fact that the majority of us are very lazy. Right up to the top of the food chain, the majority of people are lazy. Any reason to skip class or work, looking for an easy way out of nearly everything. If your resolution is to do better in school or put in more at work, why didn’t you do it well the first time? If you know better, why didn’t you do better? If your resolution is to start saving for anything, don’t blame the million things that went wrong, you just couldn’t find an easy way out of owning whatever it is you really want. Truth is, we have an idea of what will happen in the future. Always.
So, you can have your moment of applause from the twitter audience or your moment of relaxation before 2014 comes and you have a whole new list of things to do. Resolutions, you say. My resolution for this year will be the same from this year onwards. To learn ‘better’, so I can do better and be better.
Thanks for reading. Happy new year.


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