The Fairest of Them All

My dad (yeah, I know, I talk about him a lot) says, fashion is the biggest form of peer pressure. A lot of the things people do, we do not because we like it but because its the way we fit in.
My first example is clothes. I had never liked those party dress things or flared feminine ankle socks. I admired the ankle socks athletes wore and jeans and t-shirts with random writings. But I still wore dresses (very rarely though) just so I wouldn’t feel left out. This one new years’ eve, me and my best friend were supposed to meet and they were all dolled up in their dresses and as usual, I was in a t-shirt and jeans sooo, I ran off n went to hang with the boys. Haha. No matter how comfortable I felt in those clothes, I just didn’t fit in when everybody was in a dress and heels.
My second example is make-up. I’ve loved make up since I was a child. I’d sit and paint my face n the very few times I wore it to primary school, I know my parents were sceptical about it. Explains why it went missing right after. LOL. They say they wanted me to comfortable in my own skin. Comfortable, I am. I just had fun playing with make-up, still do. My parents still say to me, “you don’t need that stuff” every time I sit and paint my face lol. Not that I feel ugly without it, I just like it. I don’t make it a ‘need’, I keep it a ‘want’. That, to my father, is doing it for the right reasons.
There are a lot of items of clothing that will look nice on certain people ONLY. For example, I don’t think you’ve ever seen Ellen DeGeneres up against Beyonce under ‘who wore it best’. Not because she’s gay, but because Ellen hasn’t fallen victim to the peer pressure that is fashion. I mean, do we all have to have 18 inch brazillian hair and shimmery dresses to feel like we belong in a club? Should we all get the latest phones so people think we’re cool? Worse still, should we do things that we really have no business doing to get those things? When you look at someone and envy them, you should wonder what it is you really envy. The fact that they have them? How they got them? The ‘class’ you think those things put them in? The kind of people they attract?
You can finally get all those things but there you are still feeling uncomfortable cause it really itches, your foundation makes your face shine, your feet are too sore and you can’t dance, you’re with guys you’d rather not be seen with in public… Makes you wonder how people do it all the time hey? They can manage to do it because they like it. If they did it for reasons other than fitting in, they’ll enjoy it because they decided to do it on their own.
I’m not saying that every girl in Brazilian hair and shimmery dresses does outrageous things or should be feeling bad about themselves or feel that I’m classing them all into a group or whatever. But! The girls who are so desperate for those things, should be desperate for the right reasons. Don’t go doing outrageous things out of your moral lines and out of your budget to hear the words, ‘you look like Beyonce’. If you want to rock 18 inch Brazilian hair, I suggest you get it the right way: for the fortunate, ask your parents or siblings; SAVE or get a job and no, that job should not be done on your back or on your knees. Have a great week. 🙂 thanks for reading.


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