Getting On Your Knees

I think I was an irritating kid. I asked a whoooole lot of questions all the time and a lot of the time, my dad said stuff just to shut me up, you know. “Why is the sky blue?” “Because blue is God’s favourite colour.” LOL. It worked. But one day, I asked him why we pray and this is one answer I’m certain was not to shut me up cause year by year, it makes more sense.

He told me that people find comfort in being able to share their problems or sorrows with someone. Like confessions in the catholic church almost. Do you really want someone to know you killed someone? Call it closure maybe? We need to tell someone what’s going on because we can really only hold so much pressure before we crack. It happens everyday, you know, they say a problem shared is a problem solved. So when you get cheated on, you’ll share with a friend, cry if you have to. It feels better that you have an ear. Also, everybody needs a sense of belief to keep us on the right track or to preserve tradition. I’ll give an example of Christianity because its what I know. The ten commandments are guidelines to a morally upright way of life.

If you were a good person in your lifetime… You didn’t steal, kill, commit adultery, you respected your parents n all that, or if u did but prayed for forgiveness (with the intention of never doing it again), regardless whether you pray to Allah or in the name of Jesus… There should be a heaven for you, right? Because the thing is, nobody is without sin and even the staunch Christians and Muslims sin in their extreme ways of life. The religious extremists. Talking, suicide bombers and people who still feel the need to class themselves. We’ll agree that there should be a heaven for the few who do good but we’ll never really know what the right religion was or what the holy books were actually trying to say. Most of all, we’ll never know what the people we think to be most holy really do out of our line of vision.

To a lot of people, the holy books are full of metaphors. The forbidden fruit for sex, food for the word of God, shepherds for traditional leaders… There are a lot of lessons to be learnt in the bible but then its a bit too easy to misinterpret. So the question stands, why do you pray? So that you aren’t the one to burn if God really exists? So that you can be invincible and nothing harms you cause angels are around you? So that all your dreams and wishes come true? Or for closure? I think my father was right. But no matter what reasons you have for praying, it counts that you do. And if you’ve been a good person all your life, it doesn’t matter what religion you belong to. The holy books are meant to create good people.


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