The Upper Class

Describing people is just about the hardest thing you could you. Smart, funny, kind… In comparison to who? In high school biology, if u did it, you’d remember that the definition of ‘tall’ is determined by the environment of the people in question. For example, what’s regarded tall in China could be regarded short in Jamaica (where most of the strongest slaves went). So, with that, how are you so sure that the definition of your personality is really true?
The one characteristic I question a lot is ‘down to earth’ because it really depends on what class of people you’re born into. For some people, down to earth can be given as a characteristic to someone who can sit at an average fast food and have lunch but come on, that’s supposed to be normal. For others, its speaking a local language or mingling with people of a lower class or even eating certain foods.
I personally have a problem with people who’ve grown up in Zambia but claim to have no idea of how to speak any local language. Now, I don’t expect anyone to know all seventy two or even be a pro at over two. I only know three. Nyanja cause I grew up with it, Nsenga because my mother speaks it and Ngoni because my father and granny speak it. Bemba, I can understand but prefer not to attempt speaking LOL. We all know Nyanja speakers usually suck at Bemba and vice versa. I also have a problem with people who choose to eat nshima with cutlery (unless its really soft). Judgemental, I know but everyone is entitled to an opinion.
I won’t lie, I’m really really uncomfortable when there’s a lot of kaponyas around me. Kinda makes me clutch someone’s hand tighter. It doesn’t make me a snob, I think. I could probably manage to hang with one alone and try to have a conversation. Its not like I view them as less of a human. I’d feel uncomfortable with rich people too, you know. No matter how easy some people would try to make it for you (and that’s only if you’re lucky), there’s always the little things that will slip out and make you feel like you’re lacking something. The same way poor people would make you feel ungrateful, if you have a heart. To some people, I’m rich and to some people, I’m poor. To some people, talking to someone like me is defined as being down to earth and to me, its normal really.
Some of us like to pretend we’ve never been hit, pretend we don’t know any local language, pretend we don’t do chores, pretend we can’t cook or clean or make a bed, pretend all our clothes are labelled, hmmmm… Although some girls think this makes them classier than the rest or better even, all it makes you look is dumb. I mean, who can’t make a bed?? And yes, you’ll defend yourselves and say its the twenty first century but no matter what century it is, I think a female should still be able to cook and clean. So what if you have a job?? A pretty face can take you far, I admit, but it won’t keep a husband for you.
Maybe I’m old fashioned, or maybe I’m too young for my opinion to matter but one day, when the man you marry doesn’t show up for meals cause he’s found a woman who can actually cook, you’ll look back on your ‘class’ and see just what its gotten you. So keep bragging about how much your manicure cost… I see your dark knees, girl.


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