Trapped in Another World

Humans are the most powerful creatures on earth for one simple reason; we can talk. The ability to speak means we can give orders, defend ourselves, express ourselves adequately, make plans, work together, give opinions, ask, apologise, say what we want and complain.
Animals don’t have this kind of ability. Do you think they would charge at us if they could ask us for food or ask us who we are and why we are in their space? Don’t you think mothers wouldn’t be so aggressive if they understood that we just wanted to see their babies? If they knew we meant no harm… Things would be different. We take advantage of the fact that we are the superior species.
If a you were about to kill somebody and they gave you a sob story about their children who will remain orphans or about their sick spouses, you would feel even an ounce of pity and reconsider our acts. But then, we go into the wild and kill animals so that we can brag about our furs and really expensive leather. All animals can do is cry really. A cry could be their version of a sob story but still, it never changes a poacher’s mind.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying we are evil for eating meat, fishing and hunting. Some animals are reared for this. other people have fun provoking peoples’ pets, locked up in fences or throwing things at animals that haven’t harmed them and have no intention of harming them. An animal that is just passing by. Imagine a life of sticks and stones coming your way, no appreciation, no respect, no privacy… Imagine if for a day, you were trapped in the body of a stray dog or cat? Wouldn’t your one wish be that the human race was kinder to animals? Then start trying to be that one human that is kind to animals. 🙂


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